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Pressure sensors from Superior Sensor Technology are extremely accurate and stable, offering unique design flexibility to easily fit a wide variety of applications. Each product family is optimized for specific end user applications, making them an ideal match. Customers may choose to further optimize the differential pressure sensors using programmable features such as bandwidth filtering and variable pressure ranges.

These fully calibrated and temperature compensated pressure sensors offer vast improvements in usable output resolution while maintaining the industry’s highest level of overall accuracy and TEB performance, especially at very low differential pressures.

The proprietary NimbleSense™ architecture enables optimization of key application features, including pressure range, response times, power consumption, output interfaces and overall differential pressure sensor performance for a variety of applications including industrial, medical, air handling, VAV, air filter monitoring, DPT, and HVAC.

Product Summaries and Data Sheets

CP Series

CPAP Machine

Ideal for CPAP, BiPAP and APAP applications

  • 2 Integrated sensors (gage + differential)
  • Flexible with 64 possible configurations
  • Very fast 2 ms response time
  • Market leading 0.05% accuracy

Download CP Series Data Sheet

HV Series

HVAC Building

Ideal for HVAC and other airflow applications

  • Change pressure ranges ‘on the fly’
  • Up to 8 pressure ranges in 1 device
  • Integrated 50/60 Hz notch filter
  • Market leading 0.05% accuracy

Download HV Series Data Sheet

SP Series

Spirometry patient

Ideal for Spirometry applications

  • Z-track technology eliminates zero drift
  • Position insensitive ideal for handhelds
  • Very fast 2 ms response time
  • Market leading 0.05% accuracy

Download SP Series Data Sheet

ND Series

Industrial Applications

For industrial, commercial and R&D applications

  • Absolute, gage and differential sensors
  • Extended temperature range
  • Integrated 50/60 Hz notch filter
  • Market leading 0.05% accuracy


ND Series Low Pressure Data Sheet

ND Series Mid Pressure Data Sheet

ND Series Absolute Data Sheet

VN Series

Ventilator patient

Ideal for Ventilator and High Flow applications

  • Reduce system alarms with Self Aware
  • Advanced digital filtering
  • Very fast 1 ms response time
  • Market leading 0.05% accuracy

VN Series is launching later this year. Please Contact us for more information

HS Series

Differential Pressure Transmitter

DPT for air handling applications

  • Completely configurable w/8 parameters
  • Up to 32 pressure ranges in 1 device
  • Implement in 3 simple steps
  • No calibration required in manufacturing

Download HS Series Data Sheet

Summary of Key Specs

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Want to learn more about our unique architecture?

Visit our Technology Page or download our white paper for a more detailed look:

Cover of NimbleSense White Paper

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