Superior Sensor Technology was founded in October of 2016 with a mission to bring Application Specific Sensors into the industrial, medical and HVAC markets. 

We realized the industry was ready for a new wave of innovation

Better overall sensor performance and unique system features to optimize and enhance the user experience. The founding team has deep experience bringing innovative solutions to these challenging markets and building highly successful businesses along the way.

We chose to be based in Northern California’s Silicon Valley region, not only to draw upon great local talent, but perhaps more importantly to build a unique, highly driven, customer centric corporate culture.

In October 2018, We Launched Our First Generation HV Series Products for the HVAC, Air Handling, Room Pressurization, and Other Applications Requiring Tightly Controlled Air Measurement and Associated Flow Management In Commercial Installations.

Since then we have launched several new product families for a wide range of medical and industrial applications.


Guiding Principles

Our mission is to provide products that are truly impactful to our customers with unsurpassed attention to detail. We ask ourselves, how will our products help our customers grow revenues, improve profits and expand their markets? We judge our successes based on these metrics. We believe that everything matters – All aspects of the company must be closely aligned from product realization to supply chain management, manufacturing, sales, and technical support, with the goal to maximize overall efficiency and produce the best products possible.

Quality Statement

Superior Sensor Technology believes that ensuring our products meet the industry’s highest levels of quality is core to building a successful business.  Quality and reliability must be built into the culture from the start, considered in every system used within the company and carefully measured along the way to ensure issues are caught early in the development process and promptly fixed to avoid any impact in the final product.

Customer Focus

Everything we do as a company must create value to our customers.

We ask ourselves the following questions:

1) How do our Differential Pressure Sensors help our customers win additional business or increase their margins?

2) Do our products enable our customers to add differentiated features to their systems?

3) Are we great to work with? Do our customers value the interactions and find the provided information useful?

Customers should expect:

Expert initial contact – Deal immediately with our technically minded, experienced sales and application teams.

Global reach – Local support and global reach through our distribution and sales rep networks.

Broad product offerings – Coverage of diverse system requirements, handling a wide variety of industrial and medical applications.

Easy to evaluate – Products which are very easy to source and evaluate, with detailed technical literature and fast inquiry responses.

Outstanding application support – Including the ability to customize our product offerings, as needed, to increase the application fit and improve the customer’s overall system performance.

Long term focus – Not only do our products provide long-term, robust solutions, but our support extends over the many years needed to match lengthy system life cycles.

Unique differentiated product roadmap – Increased sensor and system value, supporting our customers to develop new generations of systems with differential pressure sensor features and performance improvements.

Customer process image

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