ND Series Differential Pressure Sensor

Evaluation System Giveaway

ND Series Eval Kit with 5 Sensors

Giveaway Overview

All About Circuits in collaboration with Superior Sensor Technology is giving away a complete evaluation system for the new ND Series of differential pressure sensors. Designed for a wide variety of applications, the ND Series sensors support up to 7 pressure ranges in one device. This advanced capability coupled with the ND Series’ digital filtering and 50/60Hz notch filter provides a single sensor solution to support all differential pressure requirements. The ND Series will simplify product designs, accelerate time to market and reduce sensor inventory costs by up to a factor of 7.

The evaluation system consists of an evaluation board plus one unit of each ND Series sensor (5 total sensors). Evaluation Kit connects to a PC via USB interface for configuration and testing (see included documentation). Winner selects evaluation board with either I2C or SPI interface.

What’s in the Box?

  • Evaluation board
  • Connector cable
  • USB drive with software and documentation
  • ND110 differential pressure sensor
  • ND120 differential pressure sensor
  • ND130 differential pressure sensor
  • ND210 differential pressure sensor
  • ND005D differential pressure sensor

Key Features/Specifications of ND Series

  • Up to 7 Selectable Pressure Ranges per Device
  • 16-bit resolution (each selected range)
  • Exceptional Zero Stability
  • Integrated 50/60Hz Notch Filter
  • Selectable Bandwidth Filter from 1.0Hz to 200Hz
  • Output Data Rate up to 444Hz
  • Total Error Band less than 0.15% FSS
  • Very High Accuracy +/- 0.05% of Selected Range
  • Long Term Stability +/- 0.05% FSS
  • Temperature Compensated -20°C to 85°C
  • Supply Voltage Compensation
  • Fully Integrated Compensation Math

Pressure Ranges

  • ND110: ±125 to ±2.5K Pa (±0.5 to ±10 inH2O)
  • ND120: ±250 to ±5K Pa (±1 to ±20 inH2O)
  • ND130: ±500 to ±7.5K Pa (±2 to ±30 inH2O)
  • ND210: ±62.5 to ±2.5K Pa (±0.25 to ±10 inH2O)
  • ND005D: ±34.5 to ±345 mBar (±0.5 to ±5 psi)

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