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HV Product Offerings

HV160 supports pressure ranges from 625 Pa to 15k Pa (2.5″ H2O to 60″ H2O)

HV120 supports pressure ranges from 625 Pa to 5k Pa (2.5″ H2O to 20″ H2O)

HV110 supports pressure ranges from 125 Pa to 2.5k Pa (0.5″ H2O to 10″ H2O)

HV210 supports pressure ranges from 25 Pa to 2.5K Pa (0.1″ H2O to 10″ H2O) and has position insensitivity feature


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HV Series Design Tools

HV Series – Differential Pressure Sensors for HVAC and Air Handling Applications

HVAC Building

Industry’s highest performing and most flexible differential pressure sensors, based on NimbleSense™ architecture:

  • Multi-Range™ capabilities: Factory calibrated and performance optimized for up to 8 distinct pressure ranges within a single device to reduce sensor manufacturing inventory by up to 8x.
  • Improve system performance with 0.10% accuracy down to 25 Pa FSS limited only by the industry’s lowest noise floor offering.
  • Positionally insensitive for handheld systems achieving a up to a 10x improvement relative to competing offerings.
  • Easy to implement digital interface coupled with the first fully optimized differential pressure sensor for HVAC and air handling systems.

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