Application Specific Pressure Sensors

Shorten Design Cycles & Simplify Manufacturing

Superior Sensor Technology is a leading developer of advanced pressure sensors specifically designed for Industrial, HVAC, and Medical applications. Our ground-breaking NimbleSense™ architecture, the industry’s first intelligent System-in-a-Sensor, empowers our pressure sensors to deliver unrivaled benefits:

  • 5 to 10 times superior accuracy
  • Remarkable design flexibility
  • Unique functionality tailored to specific applications

Choose Superior and unlock the limitless potential of design freedom combined with unparalleled performance!

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Why Superior’s Pressure Sensors

Superior Performance

Experience next-level performance with the latest advancements from Superior Sensor Technology. Our improvements offer higher accuracy, a lower Total Error Band, and the industry’s lowest noise floor. By reducing the noise floor, we enable higher turndown ratios for flow applications, enhancing the precision and efficiency of your processes. Whether it’s industrial, medical, or HVAC applications, our sensors deliver significantly improved performance, revolutionizing your operations.

Unique Capabilities

Our products are designed to meet the specific needs of various applications. This allows us to incorporate unique capabilities based on the requirements of each individual market. One such example is in Pulmonary Functional Testing (Spirometry, FOT), where we have developed our proprietary Z-track™ capability to significantly reduce zero drift. Explore our NimbleSense architecture to discover more about our innovative technology.

Sub-System Integration

At Superior Sensor Technology, we have incorporated innovative pressure sensing sub-system capabilities into our products. Our offerings include customized filtering, closed-loop motor/blower control, and integrated pressure switches. Additionally, we provide full turnkey systems for Differential Pressure Transmitter systems. Our solutions improve system flexibility and performance while streamlining product architectures. We are proud to have helped our customers reduce their Bill of Materials (BOM) costs.


Applications Specific Sensors are Superior