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Application Specific Sensors are Superior

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Sub-System Integration

Superior Sensor Technology integrates unique pressure sensing sub-system capabilities into our products. From customized filtering to closed loop motor / blower control to offering full turnkey systems for Differential Pressure Transmitter systems, we have improved our customers’ systems with added flexibility and performance, while simplifying their architecture. We’ve helped lower customers’ electronics BOM cost as well!

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Superior Performance

Superior Sensor Technology improvements include:  Higher accuracy, lower Total Error Band and the industry’s lowest noise floor.  Lowering the noise floor enables higher turndown ratios for flow applications.  Overall sensor performance is greatly improved for your industrial, medical and HVAC applications.

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Unique Features

Superior Sensor Technology product series are focused on specific applications allowing us to add unique capabilities based on individual product market requirements. For Pulmonary Functional Testing (Spirometry, FOT, etc.), we incorporated our Z-track™ capability for enhanced zero tracking to virtually eliminate zero drift in this class of applications.

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