When Better Performance isn’t Enough, Try Superior

Application Specific Pressure Sensors are Superior


A new generation of Self Aware pressure sensors based on NimbleSense™ technology provides an alert mechanism to Anesthesia and Ventilator systems of potential sensor related performance issues before a system alarm incident occurs. The reliability of these systems, during life critical therapy sessions, will improve by up to 1000x over today’s traditional sensor solutions.


Improvements include:  Higher accuracy, lower Total Error Band and the industry’s lowest noise floor.  Lowering the noise floor enables higher turndown ratios for flow applications.  Overall sensor performance is greatly improved for your industrial, medical and automotive applications.



Our product series are focused on specific applications allowing us to add unique capabilities based on individual product market requirements. For HVAC, we offer a sensor module calibrated at multiple selectable pressure ranges enabling each Superior Sensor module to replace 3-5 or more competing single range pressure sensors.