Pressure Sensors for Measuring Airflow

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While mass airflow sensors measure airflow, differential pressure sensors provide several key advantages over them: less susceptibility to contaminants, consistent resolution, lower power consumption, faster stabilization on power-up, and more rapid response times. Mass airflow sensors have a more stable zero, but many differential pressure sensors have auto-zero calibration features that minimize this advantage.

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HV Series Differential Pressure Sensors

The HV Series’ wide dynamic range is ideally suited to providing multiple pressure ranges in a single package, thus minimizing the number of sensor variants required to support the HVAC market’s demanding functional requirements.

The HV measures dry air and non‐aggressive gas pressure. It has an extremely low noise floor and stable zero point, resulting in the highest levels of accuracy, steadiest long-term stability, and lowest error rates. Our unique Multi-Range technology enables the HV Series to support up to 8 pressure ranges in one device, starting with pressure ranges as low as 25 pascals.