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Support Many Applications and Pressure Ranges with One Sensor.

ND Series – Differential Pressure Sensors

Industry’s highest performing and most flexible differential pressure sensors, based on NimbleSense™ architecture, for a wide array of industrial applications.

  • Multi-Range™ capabilities: factory calibrated and performance optimized for up to 7 distinct pressure ranges within a single device.
  • Advanced programmable filter fro 1 Hz to 200 Hz.
  • 50/60 Hz notch filter to block industrial electrical noise.
  • Thermal transient compensation from -20°C to +85°C.
  • Best system performance with 0.05% accuracy down to 62.5 Pa, Total Error Band (TEB) less than 0.15% and Long-Term Stability +/- 0.05% FSS per year.
  • Pressure ranges as low as 62.5 Pa (0.25 inH2O) to as high as 5 psi (345 mBar).
Industrial Applications

ND Series Flexibility Supports Many Applications

Image of factory


3D Printing

Air Quality Testing

Automated Safety Systems

Chemical Monitoring

Leak Testing

Nuclear Power Monitoring

Pneumatic System Monitoring

Water Quality Testing

Image of laboratory

R & D

Air Pressure Monitoring

Calibration of Devices

Clean Room Access

Data Acquisition

Environmental Chambers

Lab Equipment

Large Format Printers

Particle Counting

Commercial Image


Auto Smog Testing

Aviation Instrumentation

Cabin Pressure Monitoring

Commercial Space Rockets

DHS Air Quality

Hospital Room Monitoring

Radon Remediation

UAV/UAS (Drones)

Sensor image

Multi-Range Capability Lowers Inventory Spending

Multi-Range™ Capability for ND Series

  • Superior Sensor’s NimbleSense™ architecture supports the industry’s first Multi-Range™ offering enabling a single system to cover the full pressure range required.
  • It does this while maintaining optimized calibrated performance at each selected pressure range, saving substantially on inventory cost and simplifying manufacturing efforts.
  • Up to a 7x inventory reduction of production systems and sensors.
  • Single user command to change FSS range.
  • FSS ranges supported from 62.5 Pa (0.25” H2O) to 5 PSI (345 mBar) across family.
  • Factory calibrated and performance optimized for each selected range.
  • Industry’s most flexible and highest performing solution.

Competing Single Range Sensors

Multi-Range 7 Sensor Comparison
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