The Highest Performing, Most Reliable Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensors from Superior Sensor Technology are extremely accurate and stable, offering unique design flexibility to easily fit a wide variety of applications. Each product family is optimized for specific end user applications, making them an ideal match. Customers may choose to further optimize the differential pressure sensors using programmable features such as bandwidth filtering and full scale pressure range.

These fully calibrated and temperature compensated pressure sensors offer vast improvements in usable output resolution while maintaining the industry’s highest level of overall accuracy and TEB performance, especially at very low differential pressures.

The proprietary NimbleSense™ architecture enables optimization of key application features, including pressure range, response times, power consumption, output interfaces and overall differential pressure sensor performance for a variety of applications including industrial, medical, air handling, VAV, air filter monitoring, DPT, and HVAC.

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High performance differential pressure sensors that enable spirometry equipment to provide a highly accurately diagnosis of a patient’s lung function in a shorter period of time.

  • Z-Track™ technology virtually eliminates errors due to zero drift.
  • Positional sensitivity errors are reduced by up to 10x relative to competing solutions.
  • Industry’s highest performance & most stable zero pressure sensing platform. 
Image of Spirometry in use
Image of HVAC system


Industry’s first differential pressure sensor, with Multi-Range™ capabilities optimized for HVAC and other air handling applications.

  • Multi-range capability lowers system and sensor inventory requirements by up to 8x
  • Accuracy to within 0.1% selected range
  • Ranges: 25 Pa to 15K Pa
  • Highest performance & Digital interface


Most advanced, highest performing and most easily configurable pressure sensing sub-system platform for Differential Pressure Transmitters and other air handling systems:

  • Product definition – Highly flexible capabilities changeable in minutes, with a rich breadth of features, enabling a single HW implementation to support a full featured family of DPT systems.
  • Engineering implementation – Leveraging our turnkey HW/SW solution, provides faster time to market of the desired family of production systems.
  • Manufacturing – HW systems are programmed at the end of the production cycle to add the appropriate product personality and features. Simplifying the manufacturing process to lower cycle times and inventory requirements of DPT systems and sensor devices. 
DPT system with integrated sensor
Industrial Image


The market’s only solution supporting many industrial applications and pressure ranges with one sensor.

  • Support a long list of factory, laboratory and commercial applications
  • Accuracy to within 0.05% selected range and TEB <0.15% FSS
  • Ranges: 62.5 Pa to 345 mBar
  • Ideal for handheld, mobile and stationary devices


Industry’s most reliable differential pressure sensors with advanced performance and features that enable quicker time to market and cost benefits to ventilator manufacturers.

  • Custom variants can be engineered to match competing analog and digital interfaces with industry leading 1ms response times.
  • Ability to replace existing solutions while reducing costs and improving overall performance.
Image of baby on ventilator
Image of flow meter


Best-in-class differential pressure sensor features for accuracy, total error band, low noise and zero stability enable advanced flow meter solutions to achieve a very high turndown ratio. 

  • Lowest noise floor in the industry
  • Accuracy to within 0.10%
  • Industry leading stability <1.25 Pa 1st 12 months

Evaluation and Testing

Evaluation Board

Evaluation Boards for Differential Pressure Sensors

Our product evaluation kits are very easy to use, leveraging a USB interface to plug into any standard computer with the software provided. These cost effective systems enable

  • Rapid evaluation testing
  • A socket is provided to quickly change target devices
  • Excellent data logging capabilities to compare results
  • Multi-use with various pin compatible differential pressure sensor family members

When choosing an evaluation board, decide either the SPI or I2C interface. Then select the sensors to test (HV, ND, SP, etc.) and load the appropriate software.

Unless part of a bundled evaluation kit, sensors will need to be purchased separately.

Evaluation Kit Bundles for HVAC and Spirometry

For HVAC and Spirometry applications, Superior Sensors offers cost effective evaluation kit bundles that include the evaluation board and 1 unit of each HV or SP sensor. This enables testing of each HV or SP model before deciding which product to deploy.

  • HVAC: HV evaluation kit bundle includes one each of HV110, HV120, HV160 and HV210 sensors
  • Spirometry: SP evaluation kit bundle includes one each of SP110, SP160 and SP210 sensors

When choosing an evaluation kit system, decide either the SPI or I2C interface. The package will include one unit of each sensor (HV or SP).

Evaluation Kit
Image of evaluation boards

Reference Platforms for HS Series Differential Pressure Sensing Sub-Systems

The HS series reference platforms are more encompassing. These platforms have been enhanced to provide a full system environment, with software enabling modification of key parameters and functions to optimize testing. Additionally, the HS series boards have been designed as full production turnkey reference platforms; hardware and software can be readily adapted to accelerate definition, design and deployment of a new generation of DPT systems.

Customer Experience

Everything we do as a company must create value to our customers.

We ask ourselves the following questions:

1) How do our Differential Pressure Sensors help our customers win additional business or increase their margins?

2) Do our products enable our customers to add differentiated features to their systems?

3) Are we great to work with? Do our customers value the interactions and find the provided information useful?

Customers should expect:

Expert initial contact – Deal immediately with our technically minded, experienced sales and application teams.

Global reach – Local support and global reach through our distribution and sales rep networks.

Broad product offerings – Coverage of diverse system requirements, handling a wide variety of industrial and medical applications.

Easy to evaluate – Products which are very easy to source and evaluate, with detailed technical literature and fast inquiry responses.

Outstanding application support – Including the ability to customize our product offerings, as needed, to increase the application fit and improve the customer’s overall system performance.

Long term focus – Not only do our products provide long-term, robust solutions, but our support extends over the many years needed to match lengthy system life cycles.

Unique differentiated product roadmap – Increased sensor and system value, supporting our customers to develop new generations of systems with differential pressure sensor features and performance improvements.

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