Evaluation Kits and Accessories

Evaluation Boards for Pressure Sensors

Pressure sensor evaluation board

Our product evaluation kits are very easy to use, leveraging a USB interface to plug into any standard computer with provided software. These cost effective systems enable

  • Rapid evaluation testing
  • A socket is provided to quickly change target devices
  • Excellent data logging capabilities to compare results
  • Multi-use with various pin compatible differential pressure sensor family members

When choosing an evaluation board, decide either the SPI or I2C interface (EB02 boards include both interfaces). Then select the sensors to test (CP, HV, ND, SP, etc.) and load the appropriate software.

Unless part of a bundled evaluation kit, sensors will need to be purchased separately.


Evaluation Kit Bundles for HVAC & Spirometry

For HVAC and Spirometry applications, Superior Sensors offers cost effective evaluation kit bundles that include the evaluation board and 1 unit of each HV or SP sensor. This enables testing of each HV or SP model before deciding which product to deploy.

  • HVAC: HV evaluation kit bundle includes one each of HV110, HV120, HV160 and HV210 sensors
  • Spirometry: SP evaluation kit bundle includes one each of SP110, SP160 and SP210 sensors

When choosing an evaluation kit system, decide either the SPI or I2C interface. The package will include one unit of each sensor (HV or SP).

HV Series Eval Kit


Manifold for Mid-Pressure Sensor Evaluation

Image of Manifold for mid-pressure part testing

Required for evaluating the following sensors with EB01 and EB02

  • ND015A, ND030A, ND060A, ND100A, ND150A
  • ND015D, ND030D, ND060D, ND100D, ND150D

Manifold is needed when using Superior’s evaluation board with the mid-pressure sensors listed above.

Manifold part number: KP-MAN01

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Eval Boards & Reference Platform for HS Series DPT

The HS series evaluation boards and reference platform are more encompassing. The four different evaluation boards have been enhanced to provide a full system environment, with software enabling modification of key parameters and functions to optimize testing. Additionally, the HS series reference platform has been designed as a full production turnkey system that can be taken to manufacturing; hardware and software can be readily adapted to accelerate definition, design and deployment of a new generation of DPT systems.

HS Series reference platforms
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90° Port Adapters

90 degree port adaptors for pressure sensors

Depending on your product design, you may need the ports facing to the sides instead of the top. Superior Sensors offers highly reliable, high quality adapters that plug into the two ports of our pressure sensors for easy implementation. With these 90° adapters, there is no need to worry about z-height.

Superior Sensors offers two variations of 90° adapters – right angle and right angle radial.

KP-RAR-50: right angle radial

KP-RAA-50: right angle

Adapters are offered in packages of 50.

Email us at info@superiorsensors.com for more information or to purchase.

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