Evaluation and Testing

Evaluation Boards for Pressure Sensors


Our product evaluation kits are very easy to use, leveraging a USB interface to plug into any standard computer with the provided software. These cost-effective systems enable

  • Rapid evaluation testing
  • A socket is provided to quickly change target devices
  • Excellent data logging capabilities to compare results
  • Multi-use with various pin-compatible differential pressure sensor family members

When choosing an evaluation board, decide on either the SPI or I2C interface (EB02 boards include both interfaces). Then select the sensors to test (CP, HV, ND, SP, VN, etc.) and load the appropriate software.

Evaluation board part number: EB02

Unless part of a bundled evaluation kit, sensors will need to be purchased separately.

Evaluation Kit Bundles

for HVAC, Spirometry and Ventilators

VN Series Eval Kit

For HVAC, Spirometry, and Ventilator applications, Superior offers cost-effective evaluation kit bundles that include the evaluation board and 1 unit of each HV, SP, or VN sensor. This enables testing of each HV, SP, or VN model before deciding which product to deploy.

  • HVAC: HV evaluation kit bundle includes one each of HV110, HV120, HV160, and HV210 sensors
  • Spirometry: SP evaluation kit bundle includes one each of SP110, SP160, and SP210 sensors
  • Ventilator: VN evaluation kit bundle includes one each of VN025CM, VN026CM, VN130CM, VN131CM, VN150A, VN150D, and VN-BARO sensors

Eval kit part numbers:


EK04-HV-I2C and EK04-HV-SPI
EK03-SP-I2C and EK03-SP-SPI
EK07-VN (supports both I2C and SPI)

EK04-HV-I2C and EK04-HV-SPI
EK03-SP-I2C and EK03-SP-SPI
EK07-VN (supports both I2C and SPI)

Development Kit

for CP202 and CP302


The CP202/CP302 dual pressure sensors are designed for the characterization and productization of CPAP sensors with integrated closed-loop control and overpressure indicator. The sensors include programmable control parameters that are used for product development. These parameters are permanently stored in custom sensors that are characterized for specific end-products.

Dev kit part number: DK-CP-CLS

Manifold for Mid-Pressure Sensor Evaluation

KP-MAN01 v2

Recommended for prolonged use of the EB01 evaluation board at higher pressures (pressures exceeding 30 psi):

  • ND030A, ND060A, ND100A, ND150A
  • ND030D, ND060D, ND100D, ND150D

Manifold is used with Superior’s evaluation board and the mid-pressure sensors listed above.

Manifold part number: KP-MAN01

90° Port Adapters

Depending on your product design, you may need the ports facing to the sides instead of the top. Superior offers highly reliable, high-quality adapters that plug into the two ports of our pressure sensors for easy implementation. With these 90° adapters, there is no need to worry about z-height.

90° adapters are available with and without o-rings:

KP-RAR: without o-rings

KP-ROR: with o-rings

Adapters are offered in packages of 50 and 1000.