NimbleSense™ Technology Powers the Industry’s Highest Performance and Highest Reliability Pressure Sensing Devices


Superior Sensor’s NimbleSense™ technology supports the industry’s first Multi-Range™ pressure sensor. These application specific pressure sensors are calibrated over multiple ranges and a single sensor can be used in place of multiple traditional sensors without further calibration. In addition, they are highly integrated with features that simplify the design cycle and reduce overall BOM costs. These advanced features allow the manufacturer to cut the number of system variants by factors of 3-5x, thus further reducing inventory costs. Also, HVAC installers no longer need to carry many single range transmitter variants to the job site, as each HV Series enabled transmitter can be optimized on site for the desired pressure range.

Flow Meters

Flow meters require a combination of best in class sensor performance – Accuracy, Total Error Band, Low Noise and Stability to achieve very high turndown ratios.   In addition, high reliability is necessary to ensure surviving many years in harsh industrial environments.  The unique capabilities of our NimbleSense™ architecture create sensors ideally suited for these challenging applications.



Spirometry products require high performance pressure sensor technology to enable accurate diagnosis of a patient’s lung functions. Advancements made possible with Superior Sensor’s NimbleSense™ architecture virtually eliminate the possibility of erroneous readings due to positional sensitivity issues. In addition, Superior Sensor offers the industry’s highest performance most stable zero pressure sensor technology platform.  Further announcements are planned for later in 2018 with our system partners.


Superior Sensor Technology is in development of a new advanced Self Aware Sensor™ to dramatically lower the incidence of system alarms. Many, if not most, of these system alarms can be attributed to sensor related failure mechanisms and the avoidance of these will be truly impactful. We are working closely today with our system partners to ensure that this technology will change the reliability landscape of the Anesthesia system market.


The Ventilator industry continues to be driven to provide the industry’s highest reliability products with appropriate features at acceptable cost levels. Limiting the impact of sensor failures will have a major positive impact on overall system reliability. We are working closely today with leading Ventilator manufacturers to define and develop break-through technology focused on lowering overall system alarm rates by up to 1000x during critical therapy sessions from these traditional sensor failure mechanisms.