One Sensor. Many Ranges.

Superior Sensor’s NimbleSense™ technology enables the industry’s first Multi-Range™ offering

Differential Pressure Transmitters (DPT)
Recommended Devices: HV120, HV110, HV210

  • Multi-Range™ capability – Simplifies manufacturing process and lowers inventory cost
  • Industry’s best overall performance: TEB, Accuracy, etc.
  • Device chosen based on FSS range requirements
Positive Pressure Module
Recommended Devices: HV210

  • Industry leading accuracy <0.1% range
  • Supports applications down to 0.1” H2O (25 Pa) FSS
  • Very high turndown ratios supported by <0.18% TEB
Variable Airflow Volume (VAV box)
Recommended Devices: HV110

  • Industry’s leading accuracy specs
  • Very high turndown ratio supported by <0.25% TEB
  • Industry’s leading long-term stability support
Handheld Test System
Recommended Devices: HV210

  • Industry’s leading accuracy specs <0.1% range
  • Outstanding positional insensitivity support
  • Multi-Range™ support from 10” H2O (2500 Pa) to 0.1” H2O (25 Pa)
Air Filter Monitor System
Recommended Devices: HV110, HV210

  • Industry leading long-term stability support
  • Multi-Range™ support from 10” H2O (2500 Pa) to 0.1” H2O (25 Pa)
  • Device chosen based on FSS range requirements

In HVAC applications a wide range of full scale pressures are required, typically up to 10” H2O (2500 Pa) down to 1” H2O (250 Pa) and with recent requests down to 0.1” H2O (25 Pa).  Traditional competing sensor products support only a single calibrated full scale range to maintain necessary sensor performance necessitating the use of 3-5 or more separate systems to cover the required range of pressures.

Superior Sensor’s NimbleSense™ technology supports the industry’s first Multi-Range™ offering enabling a single system to cover the full range required while maintaining optimized calibrated performance at each desired pressure range. With a single user command, this sensor family can be optimized for any range from 20” H2O (5000 Pa) down to 0.1” H2O (25 Pa) while maintaining the industry’s highest level of performance. These HVAC application specific sensors allow the manufacturer to cut the number of system variants by factors of 3-5x or more, saving substantially on inventory cost and simplifying manufacturing efforts.

HV Series

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and adding refrigeration (HVAC/R) is the technology controlling thermal comfort and air quality for indoor structure and vehicles. HVAC is plays an important role regulating temperature and humidity for a variety of residential structures, such as single family homes, apartment buildings, hotels, office buildings, etc. 

Ventilation is the process of exchanging air in any space to provide improved air quality, involving temperature control, oxygen replenishment and removal of moisture, bacteria and other harmful gases. Properly designed ventilation systems remove unpleasant smells and excessive moisture through exchanging outside air while keeping interior building air circulating at all times.

The HV Series family of products provide proprietary Multi-Range™ capabilities enabling a single sensor module, upon request, to support calibrated pressure ranges as low as 0.1” H2O (25 Pa) to 10” H2O (2500 Pa) in a single device.  Another family variant will go up to 20” H2O (5000 Pa) for higher pressure applications.

Industry’s first solution to provide programmable bandwidth control, along with flexible filtering options to optimize solutions for a variety of selectable pressure ranges.  This added flexibility ensures the optimal performance tradeoffs are made for each application.

Unique Multi-Range™ capability:

  • The proprietary Multi-Range™ function has been added to our HV Series products to provide calibrated support for the transmitter pressure range requirements of the HVAC/R industry.
  • Competing solutions, without Multi-Range™ capabilities, require 3-5 or more single range calibrated devices to cover the required pressure ranges.
  • Superior Sensor Technology can handle this entire range requirement with a single device performance optimized and calibrated for each pressure range, saving on inventory cost and simplifying manufacturing efforts.
  • Traditionally, an installer must bring several pressure transmitter systems onsite to allow him/her to change ranges as necessary to balance air flows and optimize performance for each individual building duct system. Now, imagine a single cost effective device capable of handling all of the required pressure ranges. If desired, it could be adjusted remotely with wireless technology allowing installers to avoid climbing ladders to manually change these DPT (Differential Pressure Transmitter) systems.