SP Series Differential Pressure Sensors

Evaluation Kit Giveaway

SP Series Evaluation Kit

Giveaway Overview

All About Circuits in collaboration with Superior Sensor Technology is giving away a complete evaluation kit for the SP Series of differential pressure sensors. Specifically designed for spirometers and other respiratory applications, the SP Series sensors support up to 4 pressure ranges in one device and provide a highly accurately diagnosis of a patient’s lung function in a shorter period of time. Unique capabilities include:

  1. Z-Track™ technology that virtually eliminates errors due to zero drift.
  2. Positional sensitivity errors are reduced by up to 10x relative to competing solutions.
  3. Selectable bandwidth filter from 25 Hz to 250 Hz.
  4. Accuracy within 0.05% of selected range & most stable zero pressure sensing platform. 

The evaluation system consists of an evaluation board plus one unit of each SP Series sensor (3 total sensors). Evaluation Kit connects to a PC via USB interface for configuration and testing (see included documentation). Winner selects evaluation board with either I2C or SPI interface.

What’s in the Box?

  • Evaluation board
  • Connector cable
  • USB drive with software and documentation
  • SP110 differential pressure sensor
  • SP160 differential pressure sensor
  • SP210 differential pressure sensor

Pressure Ranges

  • SP110: ±250 to ±2.5K Pa (±1 to ±10 inH2O)
  • SP160: ±5K to ±40K Pa (±20 to ±160 inH2O)
  • SP210: ±250 to ±2.5K Pa (±1 to ±10 inH2O)

Download the SP Series Data Sheet

Key Features/Specifications of SP Series

  • Highly integrated sensor with ADC and DSP
  • Programmable ranges from ±250 Pa to ±40 kPa
  • 16 bit resolution each range
  • Ultra low noise, 19+ bit Effective Resolution
  • Selectable Bandwidth Filter from 25Hz to 250Hz
  • Z‐Track™ virtually eliminates zero drift
  • Very High Accuracy +/‐ 0.1% of Selected Range
  • Long Term Stability +/‐ 0.1% FSS/year
  • Enhanced EMI Immunity
  • Output Update Rate of 500Hz
  • Temperature Compensated 0°C to 50°C
  • Supply Voltage Compensation
  • Standard I2C and SPI Interface

Want to learn more about our unique technology?

Download the NimbleSense White Paper

NimbleSense White Paper Cover

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