Pressure Sensors Improve Performance of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum Cleaners

Working smarter, not harder with vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are becoming smarter. In addition to many bells and whistles that have been added in recent years, their suction performance has also improved based on their ability to detect the kind of flooring being cleaned. With such information, vacuums can easily adjust their settings, including brush height and suction power. They can also recommend what accessory tools to use and notify when a filter needs to be replaced or cleaned.

A lot of these advanced capabilities mentioned above are due to the implementation of pressure sensors. As their name implies, pressure sensors measure pressure of air, gasses or liquids, either in comparison to absolute or local atmospheric pressure, or differential pressure between two points. With regards to vacuum cleaners, there are two primary cases for the use of pressure sensors:

  • Pressure sensors can measure changes in suction pressure while a vacuum is in use. Depending on the surface, the suction will vary. As the suction pressure changes, the sensors can instruct the vacuum to increase/decrease power and also adjust the brush heights to ensure optimal cleaning.
  • As vacuums clean, their air filters collect dust and other particles. Over time, the filters get dirty and either the vacuum effectiveness goes down or the machine has to work much harder to continue performing as expected. By changing or cleaning the filter, consumers can ensure their vacuums continue to operate at maximum efficiency. Differential pressure sensors can measure the air flow on both sides of the filters and notify the user when the differential pressure exceeds a predetermined level to inform the user to replace or clean the air filter.

Superior Sensor Technology’s Pressure Sensor Advantages

Superior Sensors’ proprietary NimbleSenseTM architecture is the industry’s first System-in-a-Sensor integrated platform. Incorporating a highly differentiated advanced pressure sensing system with the ability to integrate optional building blocks enables us to combine the highest accuracy and reliability with application exclusive features. With unique technology deployed in our ND Series, Superior’s products offer many advantages for vacuum cleaner implementations.

The ND Series measures differential, gage and absolute pressures from as low as 62.5 pascal to as high as 150 psi. Having an expanded operating temperature range to go along with the industry’s lowest noise floor and the ability to support up to 7 factory calibrated pressures in one device, the ND Series is ideal for the most demanding vacuum cleaner operations.

The ND Series measures dry air and non-aggressive gas pressure with very high accuracy and a stable zero point. Non-linearity is also industry leading which is typically 0.05% FSS. The ND Series has a selectable bandwidth filter from 1Hz to 200Hz, and 16-bit resolution. For added performance, the ND Series has an integrated 50/60Hz notch filter to minimize impact of power noise spikes. Finally, the ND Series is an excellent choice for applications requiring the utmost reliability.

The ND Series provides a new level of integration combining an advanced piezoresistive sensing element with integrated amplification, ADC, DSP and interface which greatly simplifies design and integration efforts. Advanced digital processing enables new functionality thus simplifying system development and manufacturing while increasing product reliability.

With optional integrated closed loop control customization, advanced digital filtering and a 3-mode pressure switch, the ND Series is more than a pressure sensor – it is a complete pressure sensing sub-system.

The ND Series consists of three product families:

  1. The ND Series Low Pressure products are a family of differential/gage pressure sensors that measure pressures from as low as ±62.5 Pa to as high as ±7.5 kPa. This product set is best for monitoring the vacuum cleaner air filter.
  2. The ND Series Mid Pressure products are a family of differential/gage pressure sensors that measure pressures from as low as ±0.5 psi to as high as ±150 psi. This product set is best for measuring suction pressure of the vacuum cleaner.
  3. The ND Series Absolute products are a family of absolute pressure sensors that measure pressures from 15 psia to 150 psia. If your application requires absolute pressure measurements, then this product set is recommended.

All the ND Series sensors are in production and available through Digi-Key and Mouser.

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