Superior Sensor Technology Revolutionizes Pressure Sensor Technology for Industrial, Medical and Automotive Equipment

Application Specific Sensors Establish a New Performance Industry Standard for Pressure Sensors

Santa Clara, CA, October 10, 2018 – Superior Sensor Technology today launched the company with the introduction of NimbleSense™, a breakthrough, application specific, pressure sensor technology for industrial, medical and automotive applications. The NimbleSense™ architecture is an integrated platform combining advanced piezoresistive sensing elements, analog signal path, processing intelligence and proprietary integration techniques to create the industry’s highest performing sensor solutions. NimbleSense-based solutions will dramatically reduce sensor inventory requirements and improve the reliability and performance of pressure sensor technology in mission-critical equipment.

Superior Sensor Technology co-founders, Jim Finch, CEO, and Tim Shotter, CTO, established the company in October 2016 with the intention of offering performance enhanced Application Specific Sensors targeting high-performance, cost-focused industrial HVAC and medical equipment. “Up to now, most of the innovation for pressure sensors has been targeted to reduce cost, with limited sensor performance improvements and essentially no emphasis on improving system performance, creating a technology gap for the industrial HVAC and medical equipment markets,” commented Finch. “Our company’s objective is to revolutionize the high performance, pressure sensor market, providing manufacturers with solutions that will significantly enhance sensor and system level performance, reduce design complexity, lower manufacturing and installation costs of HVAC equipment and improve the reliability of life-critical medical equipment during therapy cycles.”

Superior Sensor Technology Launches Company NimbleSense™ Advantage
Superior Sensor Technology’s NimbleSense™ architecture sets a new standard in the industry, offering the following significant advancements in pressure sensor technology.

  • Highest performing pressure sensors achieving up to a 10x improvement in Total Error Band and accuracy relative to industry leading competitors.
  • Multi-Range™ capability enabling a single sensor device, calibrated and performance optimized from 25 Pa to 2500 Pa pressure ranges, to replace up to seven competitive sensors while maintaining 0.1% accuracy at each selected range.
  • Lowers sensor inventory by 3 to 7 times, resulting in a significant manufacturing cost savings.
  • Industry’s first sensor with a proprietary zero tracking feature, virtually eliminating erroneous pressure readings in spirometry equipment and other medical applications.
  • First transmitter sub-system that integrates external system components required for self-calibration and other system functionality, reducing the manufacturing bill-of-material (BOM) cost.

About Superior Sensor Technology
Superior Sensor Technology was established with the objective to revolutionize the pressure sensor market by developing integrative, higher performance, higher reliability and cost optimized solutions for industrial, medical and automotive applications. The company’s technology is based on a proprietary platform called NimbleSense™, that significantly improves overall performance and allows products to be cost and performance optimized for each target market. Superior Sensor Technology was co-founded by Jim Finch and Tim Shotter in 2016 and is based in Santa Clara, CA.


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