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Superior’s pressure sensors are engineered to offer exceptional design flexibility and industry-leading performance. Through our proprietary NimbleSense™ architecture, we’ve developed exclusive features tailored to meet the needs of specific applications.

Medical Applications

High accuracy and performance of medical devices are vital to ensuring precise diagnoses, effective treatments, and overall patient safety in healthcare delivery.

Critical Care

Ventilator sketch

Often used in life-critical applications such as ventilators and anesthesia, these devices require maximum reliability.

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Patient Diagnosis

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Used in patient diagnosis, devices such as Spirometers require the highest levels of accuracy and fastest response times.

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Home Care

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Home care devices such as CPAP machines rely on innovation and accuracy to offer patients improved home-based treatments.

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Industrial Applications

Advanced pressure sensing solutions are crucial for ensuring the safety and optimal functioning of various industrial systems, R&D instrumentation, transportation, and aviation, as well as manufacturing environments.

Industrial & Manufacturing

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Applications include flow meters, 3D printing, chemical monitoring, leak testing, safety systems, etc.

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and Flow Meters

Commercial & Aviation

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Applications include UAVs, cabin pressure monitoring, aviation instrumentation, auto smog check, etc.

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Research & Development

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Applications include device calibration, clean room access, lab equipment, particle counting, etc.

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HVAC Applications

State-of-the-art systems are being implemented in commercial buildings to monitor and regulate airflow, resulting in increased comfort, energy efficiency, and healthier work environments.

Differential Pressure Sensors

Video HV Series

Differential pressure sensors are used to measure and monitor the difference in pressure between two points in various industrial processes and applications.

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DPT Sub-Systems

DPT Sub-System

Differential pressure transmitters (DPTs) are essential in managing today’s ventilation systems, as they monitor the difference in air pressure between two points.

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