Medical – Industrial – HVAC

Superior’s application specific sensors provide the ultimate design flexibility coupled with the industry’s best performance. Our unique NimbleSenseā„¢ architecture adds distinct features that have been created for specific use cases.

Medical Applications

With decades of experience working with a wide variety of pressure sensors in medical devices, our team is well equipped to understand application requirements and propose optimal pressure sensing solutions.

Critical Care

Ventilator sketch

Often used in life critical applications such as ventilators and anesthesia, these devices require maximum reliability.

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Patient Diagnosis

Spirometry sketch

Used in patient diagnosis, devices such as Spriometers require the highest levels of accuracy and fastest response times.

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Home Care

CPAP Sketch

Home care devices such as CPAP machines rely on innovation and accuracy to offer patients improved home-based treatments.

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Industrial Applications

Precision measurements by advanced pressure sensing solutions are critical for safety and performance of industrial systems, R&D instrumentation, aviation and transportation as well as manufacturing environments.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial sketch

Applications include flow meters, 3D printing, chemical monitoring, leak testing, safety systems, etc.

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and Flow Meters

Commercial & Aviation

UAV sketch

Applications include UAVs, cabin pressure monitoring, aviation instrumentation, auto smog check, etc.

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Research & Development

R&D sketch

Applications include device calibration, clean room access, lab equipment, particle counting, etc.

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HVAC Applications

Commercial buildings are utilizing many advanced systems to monitor and regulate air flow for improved comfort, energy savings and healthier work environments. Several of the more common applications are shown below:


Pressure sensors play an important role in energy conservation and ensuring HVAC systems are performing at maximum capacity. Sensors are used for measuring air pressure in many different air handling devices and applications.

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