Application-Specific Sensors for Industrial Applications

Advanced pressure sensing solutions are crucial for ensuring the safety and optimal functioning of various industrial systems, R&D instrumentation, transportation, and aviation, as well as manufacturing environments. In addition, state-of-the-art systems are being implemented in commercial buildings to monitor and regulate airflow, resulting in increased comfort, energy efficiency, and healthier work environments.

Absolute, Differential, and Gage Pressure Sensors

Superior’s sensors incorporate intelligent sub-systems that include advanced digital filtering, ensuring an impressively low noise floor. Additionally, our sensors feature Multi-Range technology that negates the requirement for deploying multiple sensors. By simplifying product design and decreasing system manufacturing costs, our sensors represent a cost-effective option. Moreover, our flexible architecture provides application-specific features that are optimized for various markets, enabling our customers to enjoy a unique competitive advantage.

Sample Applications

Commercial & Aviation

UAV sketch

Applications include UAVs, cabin pressure monitoring, aviation instrumentation, auto smog check, etc.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial sketch

Applications include 3D printing, chemical monitoring, leak testing, air quality testing, safety systems, etc.

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Flow Measurements

Flow Meter Sketch

Flow meters require high accuracy, outstanding Total Error Band performance, and low long-term drift.

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HVAC Building

Applications include air filter monitoring, test systems, VAV, positive pressure modules, etc.

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DPT Sub-Systems

DPT Sketch

Any custom configuration of pressure range, output configuration, bandwidth, etc.

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Research & Development

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Applications include device calibration, clean room access, lab equipment, particle counting, etc.

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