Industry Leading Performance, Reliability and Unique System Capabilities


Today’s ultra competitive industrial pressure sensor markets require:

  • Higher performance – Industry’s best Accuracy and Total Error Band
  • Increased stability – Excellent long-term drift
  • Increased reliability – Self Aware Sensor™ diagnostics
  • Cost effective system solutions
  • Unique system features tailored for each application

Superior Sensor’s innovative NimbleSense™ approach has yielded the industry’s highest performance pressure sensor modules. Typical applications include HVAC/R, Flow Meters, UAV and others where a very high performance to system cost ratio is required.  

The HV Series of devices are targeted specifically towards the HVAC market. Publicly launched in September 2018, these devices are now shipping in production volumes to customers around the world. These products typify Superior Sensor’s unique differentiated solutions:

  • The industry’s first Multi-Range™ empowered sensor enabling a single sensor to replace 3-5 or more competing devices
  • The highest performing pressure sensor devices with best in class stability
  • The industry’s first sensor to integrate variable bandwidth filtering along with a 50/60Hz notch filter
  • Reduced manufacturing cost due to significant inventory SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) reductions



The medical market arena is very broad covering:

  • Critical care applications including Ventilators and Anesthesia
  • Non-Critical care applications such as Spirometry and Oxygen Concentrators
  • Home care applications such as CPAP

With greatly varying cost, performance and safety requirements, it is important to look deeper at each individual application’s needs to understand the unique value of Superior Sensor’s products.

For critical care applications: The equipment manufacturers and warranty service providers are expected to provide the highest reliability offerings; especially given the government mandating the ALAP (As Low As Possible) risk management standard since 2014. This FDA requirement to provide the lowest risk solution possible is driving the industry to new levels of reliability performance. The Superior Sensor Technology team is working with today’s leading medical companies to offer solutions which are expected to dramatically improve overall system reliability—more announcements to come.

For non-critical care hospital applications: Improvements in sensor performance help doctors to better diagnose patients—For example, lung function analysis with advanced Spirometry devices. Superior Sensor’s upcoming Spirometry products will virtually eliminate error due to positional sensitivity and offset during therapy, both common problems in today’s competing solutions.



Higher reliability pressure sensing subsystems hold the promise to increase automotive safety.

Today’s automobiles are utilizing state of the art electronics and sensor technology to enable ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) and other advanced safety features critical to autonomous (“driver-less”) vehicles. Advanced high performance pressure sensor technology is utilized throughout these cars, especially in the engine sub-system, including: Engine block, Exhaust sub-system and Fuel systems.

Overall system and sensor reliability must jointly advance to meet new stringent automotive safety standards and to enable this new generation of higher safety, smarter cars. 

Superior Sensor Technology is working behind the scenes with our system partners to create higher reliability sub-systems with our Self Aware Sensor™ technology. The use of these Self Aware Sensors™ to increase overall system reliability holds the promise to increase safety and enhance our lives.