Application Specific Sensors: Superior by Design

Unlike traditional pressure sensors, Superior’s sensors are intelligent sub-systems offering many unique capabilities. From advanced digital filtering resulting in extremely low noise floor to Multi-Range technology eliminating the need to deploy multiple sensors, our sensors simplify product design and reduce system manufacturing costs. Our flexible architecture offers application specific features that are optimized for individual markets, providing our customers with distinct product advantages.

Architecture White Paper

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Sample Applications

Critical Care

Ventilator sketch

Often used in life-critical applications such as ventilators and anesthesia, these devices require maximum reliability.

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Patient Diagnosis

Spirometry sketch

Patient diagnosis devices, such as spirometers, require the highest levels of accuracy and fastest response times.

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Home Care

CPAP Sketch

Home care devices like CPAP machines rely on innovation and accuracy for improved treatments.

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Commercial & Aviation

UAV sketch

Applications include UAVs, cabin pressure monitoring, aviation instrumentation, auto smog check, etc.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

Industrial sketch

Applications include 3D printing, chemical monitoring, leak testing, air quality testing, safety systems, etc.

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Flow Measurements

Flow Meter Sketch

Flow meters require high accuracy, outstanding Total Error Band performance, and low long-term drift.

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HVAC Building

Applications include air filter monitoring, test systems, VAV, positive pressure modules, etc.

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DPT Sub-Systems

DPT Sketch

Any custom configuration of pressure range, output configuration, bandwidth, etc.

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Research & Development

R&D sketch

Applications include device calibration, clean room access, lab equipment, particle counting, etc.

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Row of colored sensors

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