Superior Sensor Technology’s Customers Improve Flexibility and Cost Performance of HVAC, Medical and Industrial Products 

Adoption of Advanced Multi-Range Technology Helps Customers Expand Product Reach, Reduce Design Complexity and Improve Overall Performance

San Jose, CA, June 27, 2022 – Superior Sensor Technology today announced at Sensors Converge 2022 that many manufacturers have adopted the company’s advanced Multi-Range technology available in all its differential pressures sensors.  Multi-Range is a proprietary technology that enables one differential pressure sensor to support up to eight different pressure ranges without sacrificing performance. This advance capability eliminates the need to research, purchase and design-in multiple differential pressure sensors, which reduces design complexity and lowers system manufacturing costs. In addition, by supporting multiple pressure ranges end-products can appeal to a broader range of customers.

As attested by some leading device manufacturers, Multi-Range technology provides significant benefits to HVAC, medical and industrial companies:

  • For measuring air flow and velocity in HVAC equipment, Dwyer Instruments is utilizing the HV210 to support seven different pressure ranges in its Series DP3 Wireless Differential Pressure Module:  “The HV210 is an amazing sensor that provides a 10x improvement in Signal-to-Noise (SNR) relative to competing offerings and enables the DP3 to support seven pressure ranges without degradation in performance,” said Robert Moss, Director of Engineering and New Product Development at Dwyer Instruments.
  • For air quality monitoring of cleanrooms, Particles Plus is using a custom Superior Sensor pressure sensor to support up to seven different pressure ranges in both its branded devices and OEM modules:  “By integrating their sensor into our custom pressure sensor solution, we improve the temperature performance, provide more stable pressure readings, support a broader range of pressure values, and reduce additional design components, all resulting in an overall increase in performance and a reduction in design and manufacturing costs,” said Brian Gannon, Business Development Manager, Particles Plus.
  • In air handling units for HVAC equipment, FläktGroup is using the HV120’s four pressure ranges in its eCO Side Air Handling Unit:  “The performance and flexibility offered by the HV120 supports our business manufacturing model for developing high performance, compact air handling solutions that are easy to design and manufacture,” said Lars Wegmann, Global Director Controls & Systems, FläktGroup Holdings.
  • In spirometry devices, Advanced Medical Engineering is utilizing the SP110 to support four pressure ranges to better diagnose respiratory conditions over a wider group of patients:  “By allowing care providers the ability to change pressure settings for each patient, Multi-Range technology is differentiating our Spirometers and making them more attractive in the marketplace,” said Raymond Wright, CEO, Advanced Medical Engineering.

Multi-Range technology currently supports up to 8 different pressure ranges and each pressure range is factory calibrated to ensure there is no degradation in total error band, accuracy and stability regardless of the range selected. Customers can program the pressure range via a single software command, making it very simple and flexible to change the pressure range for different product applications. Moreover, pressure ranges can be selected ‘on the fly’ in the field by technicians.

“Multi-Range technology is a game changer for manufacturers as it makes their products more attractive to wider customer set,” said Anthony Gioeli, Vice President of Marketing, Superior Sensor Technology. “Developing a single product that can be used to support multiple use cases or applications improves both a manufacturer’s top line and bottom line.”

The Company’s Multi-Range Technology and other product technologies are on display at Sensors Converge 2022, San Jose McEnery Convention Center, Booth #1136 from June 27-29, 2022.

Superior Sensor Technology is revolutionizing the high performance, cost driven pressure sensor market by developing integrative, highly intelligent solutions for industrial, HVAC and medical applications. The company’s technology is based on a breakthrough system-in-a-sensor, proprietary architecture, called NimbleSense™, which significantly improves overall sensor performance while adding exclusive application specific system features. Superior Sensor Technology was founded in 2016 and is based in Los Gatos, CA.

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