Superior Sensor Technology™ Develops Custom Differential Pressure Sensor for Particles Plus®

NimbleSense™ Architecture Significantly Improves Accuracy and Responsiveness of Particles Plus’ Air Quality Monitoring Instruments

Los Gatos, CA, June 30, 2021 – Superior Sensor Technology today announced that Particles Plus has adopted Superior Sensor’s differential pressure sensor technology in their next-generation air quality monitoring instruments for clean rooms and OEM applications. Particles Plus chose Superior Sensor based on the company’s feature rich, application specific, NimbleSense architecture, which improves the accuracy and performance of devices that measure air quality and reduces the design and production time of manufacturing new equipment.

Particles Plus is a leader in particle counter and air quality monitoring instruments for both OEMs and direct customers. The company engineers and manufacturers its own display, vacuum pump, battery, sensor and counting technology from the ground up. By adding intelligence to each of its modules, the company’s resulting products offer superior performance and extended features while driving down overall cost of ownership.

The NimbleSense architecture is the industry’s first advanced system-in-a-sensor solution that offers customers a proven set of building blocks to easily design custom differential pressure sensor subsystems specific to their product applications. Particles Plus took advantage of NimbleSense to create a custom differential pressure sensor that incorporates unique features specific to their applications. These features include the NimbleSense Multi-Range™ technology, closed loop control and advanced digital filtering.

  • Multi-Range technology supports up to eight factory calibrated sensor ranges with no degradation to error band, accuracy or stability on each range, enabling Particles Plus to use one sensor design across a range of applications with different pressure requirements.
  • Closed loop control feature reduces loop delays in the electronic circuit by up to 100 times, which improves the accuracy and responsiveness of air quality monitoring instruments. 
  • Advanced digital filter feature removes sensor induced mechanical noise, which greatly improves the signal to noise ratio in sensor output, resulting in maximized performance of products.

After extensive research, we found only Superior Sensors offering a digital differential pressure sensor that met our stringent performance requirements while also supporting our innovative design for manufacturing model,” said Brian Gannon, Business Development Manager, Particles Plus. “By integrating their sensor into our custom pressure sensor solution, we improve the temperature performance, provide more stable pressure readings, support a broader range of pressure values, and reduce additional design components, all resulting in an overall increase in performance and a reduction in design and manufacturing costs.”

Particles Plus sells both OEM and private label products and will incorporate Superior Sensor’s differential pressure sensor in its 9000 and 2000 series products for cleanroom applications and future indoor air quality and ambient air quality product applications.

Superior Sensor Technology was established with the objective to revolutionize the high performance, cost driven pressure sensor market by developing integrative, highly intelligent solutions for industrial, HVAC and medical applications. The company’s technology is based on a breakthrough system-in-a-sensor, proprietary architecture, called NimbleSense™, which significantly improves overall sensor performance while adding exclusive application specific system features. Superior Sensor Technology was founded in 2016 and is based in Los Gatos, CA.

Particles Plus engineers and manufactures feature-rich particle counters and air quality monitoring instrumentation. The company serves a wide array of industry verticals within Indoor Air Quality, Ambient Air, and Cleanroom industries. As today’s corporations become more increasingly dependent on particle monitoring for improved quality, higher production yields and employee health & safety, Particles Plus helps companies stay ahead of the curve by providing state-of-the-art instrument technology.

Public Relations Contact:

Superior Sensor Technology
Catherine Batchelor
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Particles Plus
Brian Gannon
Business Development Manager
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