Superior Sensor Technology Expands CPAP Pressure Sensor Family to Drive Better Patient Synchrony

New CP Series Sensors Offer Faster System Response Time and New Safety Measures for PAP Devices, Providing a Higher Quality Patient Experience

Los Gatos, CA,  September 27, 2023 – Superior Sensor Technology today announced two new CP Series pressure sensors for Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) devices used in sleep apnea, COPD, Asthma and home ventilator applications. Based on Superior Sensor’s highly integrated CP Series dual pressure sensor architecture, the new CP202 and CP302 closed loop control functionality and overpressure indicator enable manufacturers to easily upgrade their PAP devices to offer a better patient experience.

The integrated closed loop control feature typically cuts the pressure response time by 50%, enabling the PAP device to more efficiently synchronize to the patient’s varying breathing patterns to reduce sleeping disturbances, further improving patient comfort. The overpressure indicator feature simplifies manufacturing by eliminating the need for implementing an external indicator.

Superior Sensor’s CP Series represents the industry’s first integrated dual pressure sensor module that incorporates a gauge pressure sensor and a differential pressure sensor in a very small package with dedicated ports for each sensor.  These highly unified pressure sensors make it easier and more cost effective for manufacturers to design highly accurate, flexible Continuous PAP (CPAP), Bi-Level PAP (BiPAP) and Automatic PAP (APAP) devices. 

“The level of integration and performance we have achieved in the CP202 and CP302 represents an industry first and will greatly speed up CPAP development cycles for manufacturers,” said Anthony Gioeli, Vice President of Marketing, Superior Sensor Technology. “The advanced features in the sensors allow manufacturers to easily and cost effectively design next-generation CPAP equipment that ensures patients can sleep comfortably without waking up from dyssynchrony.”

The CP202 and CP302 are pin compatible with the CP201 and CP301, and maintain the industry’s highest level of performance. The CP202 is a shared 3-port solution and the CP303 is a dedicated 4-port solution. The new CP Series sensors and development platform are available to potential customers directly through Superior Sensor Technology.

Superior Sensor Technology is revolutionizing the high performance, cost driven pressure sensor market by developing integrative, highly intelligent solutions for industrial, HVAC and medical applications. The company’s technology is based on a breakthrough system-in-a-sensor, proprietary architecture, called NimbleSense™, which significantly improves overall sensor performance while adding exclusive application specific system features. Superior Sensor Technology was founded in 2016 and is based in Los Gatos, CA.

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