Leadership Team

Jim Finch

Jim Finch is a seasoned entrepreneur who loves the challenge of creating unique product strategies, recruiting the execution teams and managing the overall process to grow successful businesses from ground zero. Having built $100M enterprises in both large companies and tiny startups, Jim has a consistently strong track record of success. Having the opportunity to work alongside great engineers, technologists and business leaders is what motivates him to build yet another company.

Prior to his role as Co-founder and CEO of Superior Sensor Technology, Jim has spent greater than twenty five years in a wide variety of leadership roles including CEO, GM, and VP roles in Marketing, Business Development and Sales. He was the Co-founder and CEO of a successful wireless business with greater than 1 Billion units shipped since inception, built Broadcom’s Ethernet Switch business to over $100M from ground zero (later exceeding $1 Billion).  

Some of Jim’s ventures included:

  • Amalfi Semiconductor: Jim was the co‐founder and CEO for eight years, a leading technology company in the Cellular Power Amplifier arena. Amalfi shipments exceeded 10M devices per month during calendar 2012, moving them to become the largest supplier of CMOS PA devices worldwide. Subsequent to the acquisition by RFMD (now Qorvo), Amalfi’s technology has now accounted for greater than 1 Billion devices shipped.  Jim built the engineering and business management team from the beginning and managed, in spite of a tough funding environment, to keep the company alive and prospering during the early growth years.  
  • Broadcom Corporation: Jim was responsible for Broadcom’s entry into the Ethernet switching market. Jim drove the overall vision and business strategy of the highly successful ROBOswitch™ product family with revenues exceeding $100M and surpassing 65% market share. Jim was also responsible for several of the strategic acquisitions positioning Broadcom to become the dominant silicon player in stackable workgroup switches. This product line grew from zero in 1998 to greater than $200M in the early 2000’s and exceeded a $1 Billion runrate over time. 
  • DCM and Trinity Ventures: Jim was an Entrepreneur in Residence at both high profile Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

On a personal note, after growing up in Arlington, Virginia, just outside of Washington DC, Jim studied Electrical Engineering at the University of Virginia. He then moved to California and has lived and raised a family in Silicon Valley for most of his career.

Tim Shotter

Tim Shotter is a creative, highly driven and disciplined technologist, thriving in entrepreneurial organizations where he can apply innovative fresh approaches to solving tough system issues. Beyond technology Tim loves hands-on interactions with customers and partners leveraging his business acumen along with his technical background to create unique solutions for them.

Prior to his role as Co-founder and CTO of Superior Sensor Technology, Tim has spent greater than twenty five years in a wide variety of companies, spanning medical systems, industrial software and pressure sensor modules. Tim has been involved in every aspect of product development, from product planning, system modeling, hardware and software development, system test for manufacturing and including all of the systems necessary to drive the overall process. He has held technical leadership roles such as VP Engineering, Director New Product Development, systems architect, and applications engineer. Not just a technologist, Tim was Co-founder and President of a successful medical system consulting company.

Some of Tim’s roles and unique inventions included:

  • Highest performing low pressure sensors: Director of New Product Planning and Development at All Sensors in charge of all aspects of bringing to market these innovative low pressure sensor devices, setting a new higher performance bar for the industry.
  • MEMS Die Development: Developed and brought to market the industry’s highest performance low pressure MEMS die. Tim worked closely with the foundry to optimize their process for this higher performance low pressure die development, leveraging his deep MEMS foundry process expertise.
  • Developed the industry’s first 16 bit pressure sensor – late 80’s
  • Highest speed thermal printing: Leveraging innovative Finite Element Analysis techniques, Tim was able to optimize the energy exerted continuously to avoid overheating and allow printing to reach new speeds.
  • System software validation on the first LifeScan OneTouch glucose monitor
  • Two patents granted for pressure transducer compensation techniques used in blood pressure monitor systems. One of these patents used sensor warm up characteristics to reduce offset errors over time, the second create a universal sensor adapting to a variety of hospital monitors

On a personal note, after growing up in Uniontown, Pennsylvania, just outside of Pittsburgh, Tim studied Electrical Engineering at Penn State. He then moved to California and has lived and worked in Silicon Valley for his entire career.